Should I refrain from using flammable hair products at Hook? Will Hook use images of my hair in curlers as part of a viral marketing campaign? How many Hook attendees does it take to screw in a projector bulb?

Yes, probably, and 0 (Hook presenters use the force). This is where you ask the question that’s really on your mind. You wouldn’t attend Hook if you were comfortable being unprepared, so we’ll do everything we can to nurture your Type A sensibilities.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What is Hook?
Hook is “the presentation conference” and it is for the presentation community. In other words, anyone who gives presentations for themselves, their business, or their cause will find value in this conference. It’s for educators, business professionals, non-profit leaders, students, entrepreneurs, and even you!

When and Where is Hook?
Hook will be taking place on Friday, March 25th and Saturday, March 26th in the beautiful city of Nashville, TN.

Why Should I Care?
Our mission: To rid the world of presentation “froth.”

What is Froth?
Froth: [frawth] a whipped presentation made from one part pointlessness, two parts wasted time, and a dash of insensitivity, all lightly beaten around the bush.

What Can I Expect at Hook?
Awesomeness. Over the course of 2 days, we will be offering 4 unique tracks: Content, Storytelling, Design, and Delivery.